Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week Off

I missed the 
creme puff ring TWD challenge because I had a very busy week.  I hosted a couples wedding shower at my house and made petit fours and cheesecake pops from the Daring Bakers challenge.  The cheesecake pops made me think I could actually be a Daring Baker, but then I took another look at the 4 page Opera Cake challenge recipe and decided I am not ready.   This was my first time to bake a cheesecake and it was FABULOUS.  I scooped out little scoops and rolled them into smooth balls.  Then I stuck the sticks in and froze them.  I dipped the balls in milk chocolate and white chocolate and used sprinkles, colored sugars and crushed heath on top.  They were a huge hit and well worth the work!!  I was sad to miss the TWD creme puffs, but I will definitely make them sometime soon!

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