Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ode to Cathy

This week one of my favorite people ever, Cathy of the Tortefesor, chose the CEIMB recipe. Cathy is wildly famous in the food blog world. For example, her post about Naomi's Revenge received SIXTY-FOUR comments.

Even though Cathy is super popular in the food blogging world, as hard as it is to believe, she is even more popular in person. Everyone I know who also knows Cathy agrees that she is the funniest person we have ever met. Also, she is one of the most thoughtful people- for example, I'd bet that she based this recipe selection on careful consideration that everyone else would love taking this to Superbowl parties.

Cathy is really the kind of person that everyone wants as a coworker. Cathy constantly keeps everyone laughing. She and I have shared a couple of very late work nights and one all-nighter, and she is ALWAYS pleasant to be around- even at 2:30 a.m. Also, she is absolutely brillant and always willing to help. She is one of the top go-to people for hard problems and assignments.

I know that it is hard to believe that Cathy is even wittier in person than she is in her blog, but it's true. As for the dip, it was fabulous. :-)


n.o.e said...

So, how much did Cathy pay you to say all this? Still pleasant at 2:30 am??? Amazing. And I've seen so much of this yummy dip around, and not a bad review yet. Great job.

n.o.e said...

Oh, and a fyi, Amanda. If you start a post in Blogger but don't actually "publish" it until later, when you do publish the post it will bury itself in your blog as of the date you first "saved" it. To post something and have it show up dated the day you publish (and not the date you started writing the draft) you need to click "post options" at the bottom of the compose window, and manually enter the date and time you wish the post to be "as of". I've learned this from trial and error. You use the same function to schedule a post for a later publishing date/time. [Feel free to delete this comment since it doesn't have a thing to do with the dip or with Cathy!]

Cathy said...

Thanks babe - your check is in the mail.

Seriously, an ode? Nobody has EVER written an ode to me before. How do I even respond to an ode? I have no script. Thank you! I think you are the best! You make work (and baking & blogging) much more fun. Oh, and I think you are pleasant to be around in the middle of the night too, but I think we are both more pleasant in the middle of the day, so I am rooting for more middle of the day projects going forward.

Your dip looks great! I am glad that you liked it.

Peggy said...

I "second" everything you said here about Cathy! Really, she is such a joy to be around.
This is getting so mushy isn't it? :) But we do appreciate her vivaciousness! great job on the dip Amanda.